Covid 19 Relief


In March 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID19 a global pandemic. Shortly after this was announced, private donors and family offices approached us to help them align their capital and family values with philanthropic giving efforts and sustainable solutions that would last far beyond the pandemic providing food, necessary aid, facilities, PPE, and educational supplies to communities across the US, UK, Europe, and Asia. We also provided solutions to key human rights and environmental issues expanding access to resources in remote and rural communities. We developed a plan, created strategic partnerships to expand that impact, executed operations, and significantly scaled up their capital from their initial goals. Concurrently, various cities and government organizations approached us to support their deployment and scaling of various initiatives around food banks, communications strategy, social media, housing, and more.


$120,000+ worth of shoes provided to health care workers, volunteers on the frontline, and under-served communities in need.
Delivered 60,000+ under-served COVID-19 impacted families (approximately 250,000+ people, based on average household size per community) with much needed food and groceries.
Engagement of the local communities and volunteers to be part of the project and take ownership of the cause in a sustainable way.
5000+ of the homeless community engaged to take part in efforts, distribution of and receiving of hygienic products, food, and access to mental health support
25,000+ units of hygienic supplies distributed (toothpaste, toothbrushes, clean socks, soap, tampons/pads for women)
$1,000,000+ Educational Partner secured as the impact multiplier to get necessary books and supplies to underserved communities that did not have access to computers or wifi.
Supplies distributed and delivered to over 30 organizations, 200+ schools, and communities supporting relief efforts
150k+ units of PPE equipment deployed to hospitals
over 5,000,000+ supported in need across 3 continents
10,000,00+ impressions and reach on Social Media, Messaging, and Engagement