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We Are Boots On The Ground Identify and Create the Impact Multiplier Deploy Capital Efficiently Provide Accountability Focus on Community Stakeholder Engagement Enable Sustainability

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We launch initiatives, scale impactful solutions, and at minimum 2-5x your capital while empowering local communities worldwide across all sectors.

Bridging the gap between philanthropy, the private and public sector, and the community.






Million supported in underserved and under-represented communities

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Achieve maximum impact with your capital and resources

We work with Family Offices, Foundations, Corporations, Individual Donors, and the Private and Public Sector.
We build bridges and create tangible solutions from ideation to execution.
We have over a decade of experience in the field working directly with communities, understanding their needs, and the complexities of cultural dynamics to create stakeholder ownership.
We create and launch small to large scale initiatives. From small villages and towns to entire cities and countries.

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Mike Scala is a true leader in the impact space with a refreshingly strategic approach to building partnerships, amplifying impact, and creating tangible results. His diverse experience set uniquely positions him to maximize the impact of capital, and resources to make the “impossible", possible. Leaders from around the world in the private, public and government sectors turn to Mike and his firm when looking to execute at scale, as his ability to deliver on a vision and form meaningful alliances to accelerate change is unparalleled.

Rachel Gerrol - CEO & Founder of NEXUS Global

Mike Scala and his firm can do it all - from providing invaluable strategic advisory services to executing high impact projects and building the strategic partnerships necessary for success. His ability to execute and create tangible impact, maximize resources, engage key stakeholder communities, provide accountability, and reach scale is impressive. Mike is one of the most effective, inspiring, and insightful leaders and operators in the social impact space that I have had the opportunity to work with. He consistently delivers and is a genuinely great guy

Will Kennedy, Senior Programme Officer - United Nations Office for Partnerships

I have worked with Mike Scala over the past four years on a number of initiatives. Mike and his Impact Agency focus on accountability and delivering measurable impact. He has local and global connections, is able to communicate with diverse communities and can motivate people to engage on the ground and get things done. The Impact Agency will help you realize your vision, maximize the return of your philanthropic investment, initiatives, and deliver the impact your organization wants to achieve

Pam Bernal - Founder of There With Care, P2P Alliance, & Tech Investor

The Impact Agency is about finding real solutions. Too often organizations are solely looking for headlines or just about making their company look good. Although the Impact Agency has enabled many to make positive headlines, their objective is about creating timely solutions that will bring about sustainable impact to areas of need. I know the families and children at the Watts Empowerment Center are but one living example of those that have been impacted by their leadership and creativity to exemplify the words of "creating the change you want to see in the world." Thank you Mike for letting your actions be much louder than anything that could be said!

Justin Mayo - Executive Director of Red Eye/The Mayo Family

Mike Scala and his firm The Impact Agency helped our family office and foundation with our philanthropy, impact strategy for some of the companies we invested in, and helped unite our family in a way that I never imagined. The Impact Agency is by far one of the most effective firms in the impact space we have worked with. If you want to make real change with your capital, care about accountability and where your money is going with your philanthropy, and want to empower your family’s legacy, I recommend working with Mike. His approach, insight, follow through, and ability to execute is unmatched. Not to mention that we love his diverse background and abilities across all that he brings to the table.

Principal of Family Office and Private Donor - NYC, NY

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