About Us

The Impact Agency is a private, specialized agency working with family offices, foundations, the public and private sector, and any company with CSR or ESG goals. We provide accountability, scale, impact due diligence, create unique projects, and provide maximum return on philanthropic giving efforts and public-private community initiatives.

With a track record of a minimum of 2 – 5x return on impact (that is for every 1 million, we can deliver 2-5 worth of impact value), we are empowering and supporting the transformation of reimagining wealth, philanthropy, diversity, and impact across all sectors. We are the first of our kind as a “one stop shop” with experience in the areas of disaster relief, human rights, youth and community engagement, COVID relief, education, the arts, environmental sustainability and clean energy, government, and tech.

We help create the project, provide accountability and reporting, vet and find the best-fit beneficiary aligned with our client’s values, and have experience on the ground globally working directly with communities. In addition, we ensure the effective execution of the project, support sustainable practices, communications strategy, and ensure the community has direct involvement in the project creating ownership and long-term viability of your investment.

Covid Relief – United States | https://www.who.int
Covid Relief –Italy | https://www.who.int
Covid Relief –England | https://www.who.int
Covid relief –Spain | https://www.who.int
Covid Relief –France | https://www.who.int
Covid Relief – Czech Republic | https://www.who.int
Covid Relief – Philippines | https://www.who.int
Covid relief – Ireland | https://www.who.int
Covid relief – South India | https://www.who.int
Red Eye – Los Angeles, CA | https://www.redeye.org
Homeboy – Los Angeles, CA | https://homeboyindustries.org
IHOPE – New York City | https://www.yai.org/affiliate/ihope
Thomson Reuters – New York City | https://www.thomsonreuters.com/en.html
Arts Global Foundation – New York City | http://www.artsglobal.org
Building Bridges For Kids – Cortland, New York | https://www.ywca.org
Affordable Housing Project – New Orleans, Louisiana | https://www.nola.gov
Educare – Washington DC, Maryland | https://www.educaredc.org
World Health Organization – Geneva Switzerland | https://www.who.int
Vivo Barefoot – United Kingdom | https://www.vivobarefoot.com/us/
Bankers Without Boundaries – London, UK | https://www.bwbuk.org
Tangier American International Schools – Tangier Morocco | https://www.theamericanschooloftangier.com/site2/index.php/en/
Solar Water Project – South Sudan, Africa | https://www.bondheshams.org
Solar Water Project – Yemen | https://www.bondheshams.org
Solar Water Project – Pakistan | https://www.bondheshams.org
Great Barrier Reef Conservation Project – Ocean off the East Coast of Australia | https://parks.des.qld.gov.au/parks/whitsunday-islands
Australian Wildlife Conservancy – Kangaroo Island, Australia | https://www.kangarooisland.sa.gov.au
Northern Center for Autism – Melbourne Australia | https://www.northernautism.vic.edu.au
Disaster Relief – Fiji Islands Fiji National Schools – Fiji Islands | https://www.fiji.gov.fj/Home
The Tamaki Maori Village – Outside of Auckland, New Zealand | https://www.tamakimaorivillage.co.nz
Franz Josef Conservation Project – Franz Josef New Zealand | https://www.glaciercountry.co.nz/operators/activity/department-of-conservation-franz-josef-office/
Victims of Domestic Violence Safe House – San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua | https://lovelightandmelody.org
SOS Orphanage – Tela, Honduras | https://www.sos-usa.org
Education and Housing Units Construction Project – Guatemala | https://www.habitat.org
Charles Darwin Foundation and Indigenous Protection Project – Galapagos Islands, Ecuador | https://www.darwinfoundation.org/en/
Global Citizen – Toronto Canada | https://www.globalcitizen.org
IsraAID – Israel and USA | https://www.israaid.org
Miti Na Dawa – Kenya | https://onevibeafrica.org/

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What We Do

Create The Project and/or Launch The Initiative

Whether you are a foundation or family, individual funder, venture philanthropy fund, corporation, public initiative, or private company, we help you from ideation stage all the way to execution and scaling of your project A-Z. Whatever stage you are at, we are here to help take it to the next level.

Boots On the Ground

We are in the field personally and work directly with our partners on the ground globally to ensure the community is engaged, diversity and inclusion, and the correct strategic partners are put in place so that your impact sustains for years to come.


We provide accountability and reporting every step of the way to ensure that your project stays on task, funding is 2x’d at minimum, and your resources are getting to those who need it the most.

Create Unique Solutions

Our primary focus is to ensure that the communities being served are empowered with access to tools that will enable them to grow, sustain, and be supported based off of their needs taking into account complex cultural dynamics.


We can help with content creation, bringing your project to the world and prepare it for pitch, simplify your solution/initiative to reach the right audience, create the messaging and social media strategy around it to amplify your reach, and support in bridging the gap between generations.

ANY Questions

Feel free to contact us